Personal Training Singapore Gym Personal Trainer
Ashley Isabel Tay
Founder/Fitness Director


- Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science (Edinburgh Napier University)

- Diploma in Sports and Wellness Management (Nanyang Polytechnic)

- Certified Applied Functional Medicine Level 1 (Dr Cheryl Kam - Vibrant Life Academy)

- Certified Allied Healthcare/Fitness Profession (Exercise Is Medicine Singapore - EIMS)

- Certified Master Rehab Trainer (Rehab Trainer - Australia)

- Certified Pre & Post Natal Exercise Coach (Fitness Australia)

- Certified Fundamentals for Plant-Based Nutrition for Fitness (Live Green and Lean)

- Certified Active Aging Movement Coach (SCW Fitness Education)

- Standard First Aid and AED certified

Ashley embodies a wholistic health approach towards her own health and firmly upholds this virtue in her trainings with her clients.  Growing up as an obese kid and through her early adulthood, Ashley truly understands that being healthy and weight loss do not solely depend on exercise. What we eat and how we view ourselves (positively or negatively) matter. She remains convinced that true health comprises all aspects - Mind, Body and Soul.  She is also a strong believer that "food is thy medicine." Thus, her training sessions not only include a variety of functional exercises, but also a nutrition component that empowers her clients in understanding how food affects us physically and emotionally, instead of fearing them. 

As a plant-based nutrition coach, Ashley's diet revolves around whole, natural foods that she entirely enjoys. She also loves being outdoors and participating in multiple sports - Running, swimming, skating, soccer, surfing, basketball and rugby. In fact, she plays any sports whenever she gets the chance to!

Personal Training Singapore Gym Personal Trainer

Featured on:


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o    Physical Fitness Programme (Singapore Polytechnic)

  •  Fitness Instructor 

o    Strength and Conditioning (Singapore Polytechnic)

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach 

o    Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations

  • Resistant Band Instructor

o    Sundays in the Park (Health Promotion Board)

  • Boot camp Instructor 

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