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Personalised Training, Reimagined.

Customised Training Programs and Nutrition Coaching, in your own space, at your own pace.

" My husband and I have been working out with Ashley since 2016 in dedicated training sessions at our condo. She is a fantastic trainer who manages to design fun and interesting workouts and encourages us to push on even when we feel like giving up. We have definitely felt our fitness levels increase over the years of working with her. Ashley really cares for her clients and her advice isn't limited to just the training sessions but even nutrition and wellness. When we used to travel frequently and missed some weeks of training, Ashley would design workouts for us to do in hotel rooms to keep up our fitness. That was just one example of how Ashley goes above and beyond. In 2020 with the pandemic, we shifted to virtual trainings and to our surprise they were just as good. Ashley designs workouts around the equipment that we have at home and manages to be just as motivational from a tiny laptop screen as she is in real life! Whether in person or virtually, we would strongly encourage others to train with Ashley! "

- Mr and Mrs Ang, Virtual Training Clients

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Bringing Fitness To You, Wherever You Are.

Receive crafted training programs tailored according to your needs and lifestyle all at the palm of your hands.


Train in comfort wherever you are, at your own pace. 

From bodyweight exercises, resistance trainings, HIIT, endurance trainings or rehab training sessions, we are here to guide you to a fitter and stronger body that you've never dream of. 

Here's How It Works:

Initial Consultation

Chat with our personal trainer and let us understand your goals, needs and allow us to recommend you the best program that will guide you to where you want to be.

Fix Your Schedule

Fix a weekly training day(s) that will suit both you and your trainer's schedule.

Begin Your Journey

Begin your 1-1 virtual personal training that will transform your health and fitness to a whole new level.

What They Say

" I thought Google could help me out in planning out my exercises to improve on specific areas till I met Ashley, to realise that Google may not be the best option for me after all!

I have met up with Ashley through my friend because there were specific areas I would like to improve on but did not know which was the best way to do so. Initially I was just expecting a list of exercises from her so I could just follow it. But I was wrong. Ashley wanted to know how my lifestyle is like, diet and specific areas to work on so she can carefully plan for me. Not just that, she makes sure that the workout she planned would fit into my weekly schedule and also to keep track in my progressions too! 

To me, she has definitely committed more than what a fitness trainer can provide. And as a female, I would definitely feel much safer to have a female fitness trainer guiding me too. Thank you so much Ashley! "

— Jiaxin, Black Leopardi Women Basketball Team

Virtual Training Athlete

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What Your Virtual Training Package Includes:

5 x 60mins

1-1Virtual Training,

tailored to your needs 

Nutritional Consultation

Exercise Technique Coaching

Access to your Trainer,

Wherever You Are

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