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Cornerstone Movement is a boutique studio gym curated for our personal training clients.

A space that allows one to workout in peace with our customised training programs tailored to one's needs, goals and fitness level. 

A space where one can breathe and listen to the needs of each individual.

A space to enjoy the beauty of exercise through our variety of exercises, at your own pace. 

A space to grow in one's health, physically and mentally, one step at a time.


At Cornerstone Movement, you will never feel alone in the journey to a better health.

We are here to ride the journey alongside with you, in every step of the way, one day at a time. 

"Curing is what a physician seeks to offer you.  Healing, however, comes from within us.

It's what we bring to the table. Healing can be described as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual process of coming home"

- Michael Lerner PHD

Personal Training Singapore Gym Personal Trainer

At Cornerstone Movement, we believe that every body is uniquely made. Thus, we work together with your body and not against it. We truly believe that proper nutrition and functional exercises are the foundation to our health and is a way of life. With this 2 fundamentals in place, we are onwards to a better health and riding journey to be one with who we are meant to be. 

Personal Training Singapore Gym Personal Trainer

If you're looking to increase your performance in your fitness level or the sport that you love, we are here for you. At Cornerstone Movement, we offer strength and conditioning programs to athletes pursuing sports of all sorts (basketball, soccer, rugby, running etc).

Personal Training Singapore Gym Personal Trainer

Whether you are looking to prepare your body into carrying a precious child or easing your body back after giving birth, let us guide you at here at Cornerstone Movement. Here, we'll guide you step by step on the importance of strengthening one's core muscles during both pre and post natal care. 

Personal Training Singapore Gym Personal Trainer

From recovering from a recent ACL injury to strengthening an injury you've had years ago, we've got you covered. At Cornerstone Movement, we customise your exercises according to your needs so that you can function even better in your daily activities onto a whole new level!

Our Testimonies

"As a person who has been relatively active my whole life, I have never thought about my weight until I started University and could feel myself feeling more lethargic and heavy. At that point, I was still consistently going for dance and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t losing weight. I found Ashley online hoping for her to help me lose weight, but our training sessions left me with things that were way more meaningful beyond just numbers on the scale. She was extremely nice, accommodating and very understanding of my goals despite how limited I knew about the term ‘health’. I always looked forward to sessions with her because I learn something new each time that I still carry forward to my daily life now. Although our sessions have stopped, I continue to lose weight and gain health because of everything that I’ve learned from her! She’s truly a gem and she does her best for all of her clients. I will definitely be seeing her again!"


— Aqilah, Personal Training Client

Personal Training Singapore Gym Personal Trainer

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