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At Cornerstone Movement, we believe in reversing chronic diseases through movement. Helping people Move well, Eat Well and Live well.

Cornerstone Movement is a boutique studio gym curated for our personal training clients.

A space that allows one to workout in peace with our customised training programs tailored to one's needs, goals and fitness level. 

A space where one can breathe and listen to the needs of each individual.

A space to enjoy the beauty of exercise through our variety of exercises, at your own pace. 

A space to grow in one's health, physically and mentally, one step at a time.


At Cornerstone Movement, you will never feel alone in your journey to a better health.

We are here to ride the journey alongside with you, in every step of the way, one day at a time. 

"Curing is what a physician seeks to offer you. Healing, however, comes from within us.

It's what we bring to the table. Healing can be described as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual process of coming home"

- Michael Lerner PHD

Personal Training Singapore Gym Personal Trainer
Personal Training Singapore Gym Personal Trainer

At Cornerstone Movement, we believe that every body is uniquely made. Thus, we work together with your body and not against it. We truly believe that proper nutrition and functional exercises are the foundation to our health and is a way of life. With this 2 fundamentals in place, we are onwards to a better health and riding journey to be one with who we are meant to be. 

Personal Training Singapore Gym Personal Trainer

Looking to increase your fitness level or optimise your performance in the sport that you love, we are here for you. At Cornerstone Movement, we offer strength and conditioning programs to athletes pursuing sports of all sorts (basketball, soccer, rugby, running etc)!


Whether you are looking to prepare your body into carrying a precious child or easing your body back after giving birth, we're here to help. We'll prepare your body to be strong enough to carry you through pregnancy and a program that will ease your body back to training after delivery.

Personal Training Singapore Gym Personal Trainer

If you are looking to strengthen your health after recovering from any chronic disease, we've got you covered. Our training programmes are tailored according to your fitness level paired with functional exercises, we can bring your health to a new level and achieve a better quality of life.

Our Testimonies

"I had been feeling physically unfit after letting myself go during lockdown and needed to ease myself back into exercising again. That was when I stumbled upon Ashley's website and decided to give it a go. I had only trained in big franchise gyms before, so such strictly personal training with someone else was quite different. 

While I started out counting calories and obsessing over the number of the scale the way I did when I was training at bigger gyms, I slowly learned to let that go and feel the effects the training has on my body on a day-to-day basis. This could not have happened without Ashley's guidance. 

Ashley was (and still is) great at easing me into it, allowing me the space and time to find my strength every session while also being very encouraging every step of the way. She is very supportive and non-judgemental no matter what stage of your fitness journey you're at. The tips and nuggets of fitness/wellness wisdom she sprinkles along the way are something I look forward to each time. She has become a great source of support and a good friend to have on my way to becoming a better physical and mental version of myself is something that I am very grateful for!"



— Karlyne, Personal Training Client

Personal Training Singapore Gym Personal Trainer

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