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Female Personal Trainer Singapore Holistic Health Personal Training

Nutrition Coaching

Your  relationship with food, renewed
Coaching Philosophy
Nutrition Coaching Singapore Female Personal Trainer

Nourish, Flourish and Thrive

We believe that Fitness is a lifelong journey that is grounded on one’s relationship with food.

Healthy living is not only about how well we move,

it is also about how well we nourish our bodies.

Our Process

Empowering your optimised lifestyle

Nutrition Consultation

Make nutrition a lifestyle.Weekly nutrition topics to understand how you can nourish your body and address any nutritional deficiency.

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4 x 30mins coaching call/month.Weekly bite-sized habits to keep you on track and help answer any queries you have along the way.

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Customised Workout Plans

Customised Workouts.
Customised training plans that caters according to your fitness level

and lifestyle.

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Nutrition Topics
Nutrition Coaching Singapore Female Personal Trainer

Building healthier lifestyle behaviours

Rewiring relationship with food

Understanding eating habits and patterns

Overcoming sugar cravings

Identifying healthy grocery items

Understanding the effects of fasting

Making healthy eating options while eating out

Cultivating healthy eating as a lifestyle

Nutrition Coaching Singapore Female Personal Trainer

Client Success Stories

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I learnt and gain good lifetime knowledge and habits

I was having a hard time managing my nutrition and workout. Despite doing everything that I know from the web, social media, podcast etc, I was still feeling stress about both my nutrition and workout (because I thought I did it right and it was still not working.) Hence I decided to sign up with Ashley’s nutrition online coaching.
Though it was just a weekly video call, but she taught me a lot on how to choose my food and to listen to my body. From time to time, I do have mental meltdown and she was patient to guide me through it.

I thought I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing about my personal thoughts on nutrition and workouts, but Ashley felt like more a friend than a coach to me. Thank you so much Ashley, I’m glad I signed up for this! With just only a few months I learnt and gain good lifetime knowledge and habits from you. Hope we will be able to keep in touch too.

Chloe Nutrition Coaching Client

Nutrition Coaching Package

Together, towards a healthier you

Nutrition Coaching (3-mths Online)

Quality support through your process of building nutrition practices for an improved lifestyle

$699 NETT

* Limited slots available
Nutrion Coaching Details

Our Nutrition Coaching Package Includes: 

  • 12 weeks of nutritional consultation, lessons and tips to guide you on how to eat right, eat smart and cultivate a healthy relationship with food.

  • A program to get rid of "dieting", instead learn how you can nourish your body back to health.

  • A holistic program to keep your weight loss off for life by understanding the root causes of your body and address any nutritional deficiency.

  • Weekly coaching calls with your coach to keep track of your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your program accordingly.

  • Individualised programming to suit your lifestyle and fitness level, wherever you are.

  • Unlimited access to your coach for any queries you have to guide you throughout your journey.

  • 3 months worth of comprehensive training program and eating habits accountability as we journey with you in cultivating a healthy lifestyle for life.

Contact us


1 Townshend Road, #4-01
(By appointment only)

+65 96453113

Start a free consultation with us

This is your first step towards using nutrition to build a sustainable practice for your optimised healthy lifelong journey. 
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